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Walking into a Memory

2019, Gana Art Hannam


Lee Sung Mi named the exhibition, “Walking into a Memory” and transformed the space itself into an artwork by installing sculptures in the ceiling, on the wall, and on the floor. Especially, the artist put a lot of effort in the spatial composition for the audience to search their memories and feel like they are taking a walk interacting with the artworks. Therefore, as the artist put the pieces of glass recalling the good and bad memories, the exhibition makes the audience reflect their memories with an intention of a process of selecting them. Therefore, the participation of the audience is the last element that completes the exhibition. As it is inferable from the title of the <Whispering Your Memory> series, this exhibition is focused on “Your” memory, the memories of the audience. In contrast to Lee Sung Mi’s past works that had a theme of her own wounds, memories and cure, this new exhibition expands the meaning and focuses on an active interaction with the audience’s memories and healing. Therefore, the artist staged the gallery like a theatrical stage, requesting the audience to go through their memories. Through this exhibition, we hope everyone who comes to Gana Art Hannam to heal their wounded heart through the process of unraveling their memories.

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