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Empty to Be Filled

2013, DOOSAN Gallery New York


DOOSAN Gallery New York is pleased to announce Empty to Be Filled, a solo exhibition of Sungmi Lee, from June 20 to July 20, 2013. The exhibition features six of her works from recent series of sculptures and installations.


Sungmi Lee, a Korean-born artist, has spent her early life in the United States. She often brings her experience as an alliance and inevitable sense of loss and lonesomeness into the formless and translucent medium such as smoke, resins, plexiglas and broken glasses.


Her recent series, Empty to Be Filled, exploits the immaterial medium such as broken glasses from the junkyard. With her hands, thousands of pieces of the shattered glasses composed bit by bit and created twinkles of jade-green sculptures then it appears into the beautiful objects which reflect her delicate sensitivity of her reductive aspects. While working with sharply crushed glasses, she employs the materials and expands its metaphors of wounds and healing in a slice of daily life in its process of working methods. Thus, the act of layering the pieces over each other offers catharsis of purification or meditation in filling and emptying her mind.

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