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Color / No Color

2008, Onish Gallery, New York


Color / No Color

Onish Gallery is proud to present five contemporary Asian artists who work with the theme of “Color / No Color.” The uniquely Asian sense of color - seen in everything from fashion, food and literature to interior decoration - is rooted in an appreciation of the four seasons. Color represents feelings, mood, and atmosphere; just as Asian people allow each season’s colors to permeate their everyday life, the artists in “Color / No Color” explore the subtle nuances of color as a means of communication with their viewers.


The exhibition opens simultaneously with the Asian Contemporary Art Fair (, which runs from November 6-10 at Pier 92. Natsu’s installation piece “Water from Heaven” will be shown at the fair’s VIP lounge; Atako Wakahara will participate in “Contemporary Calligraphy from Middle Eastern and East Asian Traditions” on November 8 at 11:30am at the fair.


Sungmi Lee’s drawings and paintings convey primal forms that seem to vibrate in space, while her textured sculptures, including her tree sculpture-installation piece, shown at New York’s PS1 in 2006, recreate the natural world. 


— Excerpt from the Press Release

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