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amorepacific museum of art project

Crystal Dream

mixed media,

dimensions variable,


Sungmi Lee primarily deals with unconventional art materials that are fragile and difficult to control, such as shards of glass, smoke, or ash. By extracting new meaning from objects that have been exhausted or destroyed, Lee’s works attain the universal significance associated with abstract forms. Manjanggul Cave in Gimnyeong-ri, Gujwa-eup is a lava tube that is famous for its huge, diverse, and well-preserved lava formations, making it one of Jeju Island’s most popular attractions. In Crystal Dream (2018), Lee presents human-made sculptures based on natural sculptures, by crafting her own three-dimensional version of stalagmites from Manjanggul Cave. Four crystal-shaped structures (made from resin) are inserted into round podiums that are installed in a water basin. Harmonizing nicely with the surrounding landscape, the work yields a meditative atmosphere that encourages viewers to contemplate the meaning and process of natural creation.

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