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Tomorrow ⟨Drag and Draw⟩

2021, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art

My work is the figuration of ‘anxiety’ in our lives using the pieces of broken glass and various abandoned transparent objects. It is a portrayal of some image in an abyss. The found shards of glass work particularly as a pivotal material for my work. I gather scattered broken pieces, and put the pieces together, thereby lending them new form.

If the artist has been working on the subject of the artist himself, individual wounds, memories, and healing, the focus is on anxiety and healing of many of us who are currently living in an unstable era by expanding their meaning. This is also the artist's artistic goal ultimately aimed at. 

The 'Piece of the Day' series is 'Piece Diary of the Day, Visual Diary,' made using translucent hemispheres and transparent acrylic hemispheres cast with resin. These relief sculptures, made by overlapping curves and circles, the thickness of the hemisphere's cross-section, express the artist's daily life of the past few years of COVID-19, record a repetitive life that spins constantly and is stored as another memory. 

​The new work 'Glass Drawing I,' produced for tomorrow's exhibition of ⟨Drag and Draw⟩, is a site specific installation work made for the exhibition space. During the delivery process of Internet shopping, broken desk glass was collected and broken glass fragments were used as materials for drawing. The broken pieces of glass that make up glass drawing symbolize the current situation in which the material itself relies more on Internet shopping in a situation of limited activity and social distancing due to COVID-19.

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